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MANUFACTURING CONSULTING SERVICES offer manufacturing consulting services and are experts in Austria & UK. We specialise in manufacturing, so if you would like to take advantage of this exciting market to grow your business, establish a manufacturing presence or build a Sales network. We support everthing you needs for start in new business.


Global solar, wind, wave, tidal and hybrid renewable energy solutions for a low carbon future. G.C.C Countery, we're helping solve major energy challenges needing novel solutions.

Carpet Cleaning

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Casting Consultancy

As a casting consultancy specializing in steel, we offer expert guidance and support to businesses involved in steel casting processes. Our team of experienced professionals can provide the following consulting services tailored to meet your specific needs

 Feasibility study 

Our feasibility study encompasses a thorough evaluation of key factors such as market analysis, economic viability, technical feasibility, environmental impact, and regulatory considerations. By conducting extensive research and analysis, we have gained valuable insights into the market trends, supply and demand dynamics, pricing, and competitive landscape. Additionally, we have examined the financial aspects of the project, including investment requirements, projected revenue, and profitability. Our study also delves into the technical feasibility, assessing the availability of resources, infrastructure requirements, production capacity, and operational efficiency. Environmental sustainability is a core focus of our study. We have diligently examined the potential impact of the proposed plant on the environment and have devised comprehensive strategies to minimize any adverse effects. Our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices ensures that the project aligns with the highest environmental standards. Furthermore, we have taken into account the regulatory framework and legal requirements to ensure compliance with local and international regulations. This includes obtaining necessary permits, licenses, and adhering to health and safety protocols. Our feasibility study serves as a roadmap for potential investors, stakeholders, and partners, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the project's viability and potential returns. It offers valuable insights and recommendations that empower decision-makers to make informed choices and seize opportunities in the copper and steel industry.

Pioneering Sustainability in Engineering

The pursuit of sustainable and green steel production holds transformative potential for both humanity and the planet. Our commitment to innovation, development, and collaboration remains unwavering as we continuously seek novel and enhanced approaches to produce steel that is not only beneficial for people but also for the environment. Through these efforts, we aim to unlock vast opportunities that contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Wind energy

Solar Energy

Less Co2

Green & clean industrial revolution

Enabling a Fresh and Sustainable Industrial Transformation Addressing the urgent need for climate action, the focus on mitigating the environmental impact of steel production is paramount. As one of the most polluting sectors globally, the steel industry alone contributes to over 7 percent of the world's total CO₂ emissions.